New Report: Information in the Physical Sciences

OeSS researchers, along with colleagues at LSE, UCL, and KNAW (Netherlands), were primary authors on a new report from the Research Information Network (RIN) on how researchers in the physical sciences find, use and share information. The report, Collaborative Yet Independent: Information Practices in the Physical Sciences presents seven case studies within the physical sciences to understand how computational approaches to information are enabling changes in practice.

OeSS PI Dutton to speak on the Shifting Media Environment

Bill Dutton is an invited speaker at 'Informing (In)Stability: The Security Implications of a Shifting News and Media Environment', A Conference of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, in partnership with Policy Horizons Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 21-22 February 2012.

Upcoming events: Symposium and Policy Forum

On 12-13 March 2012, the OeSS project is organizing a pair of events as part of the culmination of the project.

On the 12th of March, an academic symposium on Social Science and Digital Research: Interdisciplinary Insights will bring together researchers interested in understanding how e-research has influenced the foci, quality, and significance of research. Abstracts are due by 9 December 2011. More information at

Timely Study of Twitter by OeSS Researcher: "Agile Ethics for Massified Research and Visualization"

What are the ethical implications of so-called Big Data? And what are the responsibilities of social scientists and commercial partners when we deploy such information? Recent OeSS researcher Tim Webmoor (now Stanford) and Fabian Neuhaus of University College London have published their paper that investigates the use of Twitter's API feed.


OeSS/OII Talk: Doing Science in the Open

The Oxford e-Social Science project is sponsoring a talk by Michael Nielsen

Title: Doing Science in the Open
When: 8 September 2011 at 12 Noon
Where: Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St Giles, Oxford


Webcasts of "Digital Impacts" Workshop

OeSS researchers Eric T. Meyer and Kathryn Eccles organized a workshop for those interested in understanding the impact digital resources are having, particularly in the humanities. The webcasts for the event are now available at:

Next Generation Research and the Oxford e-Social Science Project

Reposted from

May I draw your attention to a recent article in the Journal of Information Technology that presents a framework I’ve developed for conceptualising the social and technical choices shaping the next generation of research:

Prezi presentation: Algorithmic alchemy or making things link for digital mimicry

The following was an invited presentation at the Department of Anthropology, University College London conference on Mimesis.

For a discussion of using Prezi as an alternative mode of presenting visual material, see the recent article in Science.

Conference paper: Interactional Validity: Assessing technologies to support embodied activities

Presented at the CHI '11 workshop - Embodied Interaction: Theory and Practice in HCI. The workshop provided a forum for participants to critically explore the different approaches to understanding the fundamental role played by the physical body in how we experience, interact with and understand computation in the world we live in.

Open Science: Town Hall Meeting Organized by the Royal Society

I will be participating in an open town hall meeting organized by the Royal Society that is focused on open science. This will be held at the Level 5 Function Room, The Southbank Centre, ( Wednesday 8 June 2.00-4.30pm

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