Project Leads

  • Professor William Dutton (Principal Investigator), Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    William Dutton is the Director of the Oxford Internet Institute. He is currently working on the potential for the emergence of a Fifth Estate enabled by the Internet, Collaborative Network Organizations (CNOs), and social aspects of e-Research.
  • Dr Marina Jirotka (co-Investigator), Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC)
    Marina Jirotka is a University Lecturer in Requirements, Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford.
  • Dr Ralph Schroeder (co-Investigator), Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    Ralph Schroeder has interests in virtual environments, social aspects of e-Science, sociology of science and technology, and has written extensively about virtual reality technology. His current research is mainly related to e-science.
  • Professor Steve Woolgar (co-Investigator), Said Business School, University of Oxford
    Steve is director of the Science and Technology Studies Group and Professor of Marketing at the Said Business School. He is widely recognised for his pioneering work on representational practices in science.


  • Dr Annamaria Carusi, Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC)
    Annamaria Carusi is at the Oxford University e-Research Centre. She has interests in philosophy of science and technology, social studies of science and technology, and computing and information ethics.
  • Grace de la Flor, Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC)
  • Dr Kathryn Eccles, Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    Kathryn Eccles has research interests in the impact of new technologies on scholarly behaviour and research, particularly in the Humanities.
  • Dr Eric T. Meyer, Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    Eric Meyer has interests in e-Social Science, social informatics, information science, technologies in regular use, regular behaviour of scientists as they use technology, social aspects of science and technology, and digital photography.
  • Professor Christopher Millard, Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    Christopher Millard has extensive experience of advising international businesses on information law. His current research focuses on international privacy regulation, information governance, and the impact of the Internet on privacy.
  • Lucy Power, Oxford Internet Institute (OII)
    Lucy Power is examining the shifting boundaries of the modern life-science laboratory. Her thesis will focus on determining the impact of online tools on the research practices of life scientists.
  • Dr Tim Webmoor, Said Business School, University of Oxford
    Tim is an anthropologist and research fellow in Science and Technology Studies. He investigates practices of assembling imagery in the social sciences and how digital technologies impact the evidential status of visualisations.

Research Associates

  • Professor Paul Jeffreys, Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC)
    Paul Jeffreys is Director of IT at the University of Oxford. His primary research interests lie in e-Research: he established e-Research activity in the University, and helped create the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC).
  • Professor Michael Parker, Ethox Centre
  • Dr Justine Pila, Oxford Intellectual Property Centre
  • Professor Tina Piper, McGill University Centre

Former Researchers

Advisory Board

Christine Borgman, Professor in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA and investigator on the CENS project
Katy Borner, Associate Professor in Information Sciences at the University of Indiana and investigator on the InfoVisCyberinfrastructure project
Ray Browne, Deputy Director, Key Business Technologies Innovation Group, DTI
Ray Lee, Professor of Research Methods at Royal Holloway, University of London and author of Doing Research on Sensitive Topics and related texts
Cherri Pancake, Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University and coordinator of the first NSF-funded multi-site cyberinfrastructure project
David Roberts, Reader in Computer Science at Salford University and Director of the Centre for Virtual Environments
Diane Sonnenwald, Professor in the Swedish School of Library and Information Sciences and principal investigator on a number of collaboratory projects
Anne Trefethen, Director, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford.