Old Bailey Online

The Old Bailey Proceedings Online (OBPO), a fully searchable online edition of all 197,745 trial reports published in the Old Bailey Proceedings between 1674 and 1913, has had over 18 million visits since its initial launch in 2003. Although it has received extensive publicity and is accessed by a wide community, academic users have to date not fully exploited this resource and its high-level search functionalities in their teaching, learning and research. The Crime in the Community project assessed the ways in which this website is currently used through an extensive survey of past and current use of the website. A proper user analysis had never been carried out, and as a result we did not know precisely who was using this website, and how. This project was intended to fill this gap, and in the process shed light on patterns of user engagement in the digital humanities more generally. On the basis of the information generated by the user analysis, a series of new tutorials and study guides, search refinements, and online facilities were implemented in March 2011 that will allow both educationalists and researchers to make more effective use of the 127 million words of highly tagged and accurately transcribed historical text available through the site.

All project reports are available at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/digitisation/impactembedding/oldbayley.aspx

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