Digital Dance Archives (DDA) Survey Report

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Digital Dance Archives (DDA) project is a collaboration between the University of Surrey and Coventry University. DDA will contain multimedia content available via a public web portal, which will support high quality content as well as novel forms of interaction, including cross-media search using visual similarity (e.g. query by shape or gesture), and ‘virtual scrapbooking’ of content for online collaboration and social networking.

As part of the user needs activity, an online survey was designed in September 2010 and administered in October 2010 in conjunction with the JISC-funded D-TRACES project, concurrently being run at Coventry University. The D-TRACES project was required to undertake a rapid analysis of Siobhan Davies RePlay to assess current impact and use of the digital archive; the D-TRACES Rapid Analysis Report should be read in conjunction with this survey report.

Survey Analysis: Digital Dance Archive759.61 KB
Rapid Impact Analysis: Digital Dance Archive428.92 KB
Final Report: Digital Dance Archive2.54 MB