Analytics refer to statistics that are collected about the numbers of visitors to webpages and the how they arrived at the page.

What are Analytics?

Analytics are overall statistics about traffic and visitors to your website.  These are among the most common measures already widely used to discuss whether a website is having an impact.  Examples of the sorts of data available from analytics include basic statistics about your website, including:

Software tools for Analytics

One of the most useable software tools to collect analytics from your website is Google Analytics (  Google Analytics is available for free, and provides data at a level of detail that is more than sufficient for most of the uses academic websites will require. 

Understanding Analytics

The short tutorial included in the link below is a PDF with information on what to look for in Google Analytics, although the general advice can apply to any web stat analytic software.

Analytics: Short bibliography

There are limited scholarly sources on Google Analytics or even academic applications of web analytics in general, although there are a number of popular books (such as the ...for Dummies series) that address using analytics.  The best way to find these is simply to search for "Google Analytics" on a book seller such as Amazon for the most current titles.

There are a some academic papers on the topic as well:

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