Questionnaires / Survey

Questionnaires & Surveys are one way to understand the attitudes and opinions of users and of the general public.

Surveys for Evidence of Impact

One common way to gauge awareness of a resource and to ask questions of the users of a resource is to field a survey.  Care must be taken, however, because of the survey fatigue that many Internet users experience as they are repeatedly asked for their views on various websites.  In addition, most users have been taken to very poorly designed surveys on numerous occasions and may be leery of your survey if it appears to be poorly designed or amateurish.

Surveys: General Considerations

Some general tips for conducting questionnaire based surveys

Survey Tools

There are a large number of tools available for doing surveys, some of which are listed here.  Features to consider include:

Does the software run on a public website, or do you need to install it on a server within your organization?  There are pros and cons of each method.

Survey Research: A Short Bibliography

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TIDSR Survey on the Use of Digitised Resources

The attached Word and PDF files are a sample survey from the OII-JISC TIDSR project.  This survey was designed in late 2008 and administered in February and March of 2009.  It was an opportunistic survey (ie., not a random sample) gathered by announcing the survey to a number of relevant e-mail lists.

This survey was designed with several goals in mind.

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