Referrer Analysis

What is referrer analysis?

Referrer analysis is a process by which you can determine more specifically how a digital resource is being used. You can find out, for example, if a collection or site is being used in a taught course or if a resource recommended by an academic library. Referrer analysis makes use of several webometric methods, including web log analysis and link analysis.

For a detailed guide and examples, see the attached report.

How do I increase the number of links to my site and/or the number of people who find my site?

After performing referrer analysis and inlink analysis, you may become interested in increasing the number of sites that link to yours. This will not only help people find your work through similar projects but may help increase your search ranking in Google (e.g., it will help your site come closer to the top of the search results). Increasing the number of sites that link to yours is firstly a matter of increasing the number of people who find your site. If more people know about you, more people will link to you.

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