Web 2.0 tools

Increasingly, Web 2.0 social media tools such as Twitter are used to communicate about resources, events, and projects. This section includes information on how to track and measure a project’s visibility in social media.


Visualization tools can help make sense of your data, regardless of the source. These can range from tools to visualize where your users are coming from on a map, to tools that let you visualize the data in your collection, to tools for visualizing networks of users, resources, or any other connected collections.



An extremely active part of the social media world is Twitter. Many digital projects and digital experts maintain Twitter accounts to increase their visibility and reach. How do you measure the impact of Twitter, however?

While there are several tools available, the appropriate tool depends in part on the quantity of tweets you anticipate needing to analyse.


Links to Web 2.0 Resources

The following links may be helpful for users wanting to learn how to gauge their presence in Web 2.0 / social media spaces.

Guide to Social Media Metrics: http://www.socialbrite.org/sharing-center/metrics/

Workshop on Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact July 2011

Web 2.0 Case Study: Institutional Web Management Workshop at UKOLN

Follow this link to the case study section, where a report from the Institutional Web Management Workshop demonstrates how organizations can use Web 2.0 social media tools to measure and enhance the impact of events.


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