What is webometrics?

Webometrics is (a) a set of quantitative techniques for tracking and evaluating the impact of web sites and online ideas and (b) the information science research field that developed these ideas. Webometric techniques include link analysis, web mention analysis, blog analysis and search engine evaluation, but from the perspective of digital library evaluation the main method is link analysis.

Wikipedia links

If you want to find the links to a particular URL or domain from Wikipedia, you can use the following utility:


Just type in your specific link or domain, and the results will link you to every Wikipedia page that uses it. Simple!

BaGLAMa2 can also find the total number of views of Wikipedia Commons files from many GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) pages:

How do I run a webometric link analysis using Webometric Analyst?

 A link analysis can be conducted once a web site has been created and should be conducted periodically, such as every six months, to identify changes in the results over time. Two things are needed to start the link analysis: software and a list of comparable web sites. The link analysis software Webometric Analyst is recommended here and described below, although it only runs on Windows.

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